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Most people have heard of ‘No Win – No Fee’ Agreements and know people who have used them, yet many people remain wary that there is a whiff of ‘too good to be true’ about them.

In Victoria, a law firm can offer to act for you on a No Win – No Fee (NWNF) basis in any type of legal matter except for criminal law or family law matters.  A NWNF agreement is an arrangement with your lawyer that you only pay legal costs to them if you ‘win’ your case. In theory, it sounds like a ‘no brainer’, yet many people remain sceptical of them.

Caroline Grainger, principal lawyer at Grainger Legal says that there is nothing to fear from a NWNF agreement and they are a great way of getting access to legal services that you might otherwise not be able to afford but you should ensure that you know the precise terms of the agreement before entering into one.

Caroline says that there are five things to be aware of when considering entering into a NWNF arrangement.


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Joanne Santos

Senior Legal Assistant / Business Manager - Grainger Legal – Injury Lawyers

Joanne was born in Victoria and grew up in Katherine, Northern Territory where she developed a love of horses and the country. She returned to Victoria in 1994 and completed her VCE at St Aloysius College in North Melbourne. Joanne commenced her career as a Legal Assistant at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in 1996 and has since worked for Secombs Solicitors, Nowicki Carbone and Slater & Gordon. She has extensive experience in personal injury claims including Transport Accident Claims, Workers Compensation and Superannuation.

Joanne is dedicated to the needs of her clients and takes the time to hear their stories and ensure they know what is happening with their claim at all times. Knowing the difference the little things can make to their day-to-day lives inspires Joanne to fight for her clients’ rights against insurers. Treating every client like a member of her family, she pushes for their entitlements with the same gusto as she would for her own family.

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