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We’re part of your community

With millions of members and retail outlets throughout Australia, Medibank is part of the landscape. Our reach gives us exciting opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of our members, and of all Australians especially in Ballarat – Catchment.

We are about better health, but we know that being healthy means different things to different sectors of the community.

Medibank is committed to tackling the growth of childhood obesity at a national level. This chronic problem affecting one in four Australian children from all backgrounds brings with it a range of serious long-term problems for the community and the health sector. We are working to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the next generation of Australians.

Our partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation along with our commitment to addressing Indigenous health equality and investment in health research are shaped by this core commitment, and we seek to connect our people with the causes that are close to their hearts through our volunteering and giving programs.

Medibank is also proud to support  hundreds of free, active and social activities in communities each week across Australia.  Our goal is to have 1.5 million Aussies take part across our supported programs by 2022.   Click here to find an activity near you.

We see it as our corporate responsibility and believe that our investment today is an important way of building better community health and wellbeing (in all its forms) for tomorrow.

Medibank investment in the community

Medibank’s investment in community programs transforms our commitments into actions. In the 2016 financial year, our investment of $4 million* focused on addressing the factors contributing to childhood obesity, funding Indigenous programs that drive better health and help close the health gap that continues to exist between Indigenous and other Australians, and supporting research that will help find health solutions for tomorrow.

*2016 financial year social investment data has been verified by the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) methodology

Medibank Better Health Foundation

At Medibank, we are proud to continue our long standing tradition of supporting health and medical research.  Bringing research to life – we do more than just fund research, the Medibank Better Health Foundation aims to be a catalyst for positive change – investing in, advocating, promoting and disseminating research insights to promote healthy behaviours, inform policy and improve clinical practice.

A commitment to environmental health

At Medibank, we understand that the health of the environment has an impact on the health of the community.

We are determined to reduce our own carbon footprint and choose to work with and support organisations that share our commitment.

We will continue to partner with and promote initiatives that actively support a healthy environment such as 202020 Vision, an initiative that since its inception in 2013, has been working to achieve a 20% increase in green space in urban areas by 2020.


Medibank values diversity and seeks to create an inclusive organisation that reflects the communities we are part of. With a Diversity and Inclusion strategy in place, we actively embrace difference and are working to ensure our business is enriched, and our people are supported.

Cecilia Langton-Bunker

Local Business Development Manager - Medibank Ballarat - Medibank

Born in Sydney Paddington NSW, completed my under graduate Degree at RMIT and Masters at Monash University.

In 2016 I moved to Ballarat to be in kind with nature and to be more community focused. Appointed as the Local Business Development Manager - for Medibank Ballarat my key focus is to maximise and enhance customer and business relationships within the local catchment and represent Medibank in the local community. The key to my success is supporting the local community initiatives and understanding their current and future needs.

My ultimate aim is to be active in the local community and offer one on one support to all Medibank Members and affiliates.

I am a highly energetic person with a great passion for the environmental management, geography and preservation of endemic animal species.

I live to help the local community and thrive to succeed in the face of adversity.


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