Why we should install OFF-GRID solar and refuse grid connection

Firstly the cost of connecting your property to the electrical grid is extremely expensive, in most cases connecting to the grid costs more than having an Off grid system. For remote properties it is definitely cheaper to have off-grid solar as paying for a grid connection where pricing starts from $25k and rises exponentially

If we look at developing properties in Ballarat as an example, there is an added cost of about $10k in the overall price just for having an electrical grid connection.

Let’s explore where your money is heading when you pay for grid connection:

  • All fees payed to these large corporations are not cycled back into the community but instead benefit a few shareholders that are located mainly overseas taking away from the local community and our country.

If you instead choose to support renewable energy by installing solar:

  • When installing Off-grid solar systems the money directly goes to local business, local tradesmen and is reinvested back into our community serving to improve everyone’s life in the community.

We spend about $1 a day for connection even if it is not used! Solar on the other hand needs some maintenance but the cost is significantly less than a grid connection with the money supporting our local tradesmen.

The added benefit of no electrical bills – reduces the stress and anxiety of life we all face every day.

An investment in Off grid solar provides an enormous return into the community more so than ever large corporate company could.

Last but not least with Off grid solar we become Carbon neutral in just 3-4 years’ time, supporting the environment and future generations that will benefit from such a vital and positive decision.

Please have a look Off grid solar prices here

Fedor Torgovnikov

Manager - RE-ENERGY

Local solar energy business since 2010


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