Hidden Risks in Snoring

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A good night’s sleep can make a world of difference to your workplace success.

IF you are yawning and feeling tired through most of the day, it could mean that snoring or sleep apnoea are denying you the multitude of health benefits that a good night’s sleep can deliver.

It’s something you can’t put a price on, and finally help is here.

The crew at CPAP (which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Direct in Ballarat are changing lives for people across the city, and it is something that is long overdue for residents who are tossing and turning due to their condition which in many cases, may be undiagnosed.

CPAP therapy uses an air pump and mask to deliver air pressure to the upper airway of a person while they sleep. The air pressure can be constant or variable depending on the type of machine. 

The CPAP pump takes in room air, pressurises it and then transports it through a tube and mask, then delivers it via the nose (or nose and mouth) into the upper airway. The pressurized air prevents the upper airway from collapsing, allowing the person to breathe normally while they sleep, delivering priceless rest and eliminates snoring.

What this means is that instead of getting a restless, interrupted night’s sleep time after time, you simply wear the mask when you go to bed and in no time, you’ll be enjoying a deeper, healthier, quiet night’s sleep that will give you the sleep you deserve.

“Often people will go to their GP looking for help with snoring, tiredness and health,” Managing Director Bryce Perron. “It’s believed that one in four adults have some form of sleep apnoea. Snoring is when your airway narrows during sleep, and those who have sleep apnoea have their airway closes completely which means they never get a deep sleep because they are constantly waking up due to the airway blockage and lack of oxygen.

“Consciously you may not wake up and you may sleep for 8 hours but the quality of sleep is horrible. If it goes on untreated, evidence shows that you are more likely to have a stroke, or a heart attack.

“The signs are often there to see. If somebody says they snore, that’s a big indicator. The feeling of having to get up and go to the toilet more than once a night, that’s another. If you are tired during the day, especially after lunch then that’s a sign or poor sleep quality. Did you know that it’s believed 68 per cent of all type II diabetics suffer from sleep apnoea? If you have any of these signs, then get in touch with CPAP and get tested.”

The Ballarat store is located on Howitt St Wendouree and offers a full range of advice on sleep testing and products to help maximise sleep quality.

“We recommend sleep testing and once someone has been diagnosed, they come in and hire a machine and mask to so they can feel the difference for themselves. The result is a constant, deep, uninterrupted sleep that can be life changing.

“I hear all the time people say they feel great after getting decent sleep. If you want to get things going, give us a call and we can guide you through the process to see if you do suffer any of these conditions. We will work with you to get you the best night’s sleep you can and start feeling your best.”

Bryce added that for approved Gold Card holders covered under the Department of Veteran Affairs, CPAP Direct offers an in-home service with no out of pocket expenses.

“This isn’t a cure, it’s a treatment that offers so many health benefits!”

For more information visit www.cpap.com.au


Amy Whitehouse

Store Manager / Clinical CPAP Specialist - CPAP Direct

After working as an Optical Dispenser, with the 3 OPSM local stores in Ballarat for 13 years, I decided it was time for a new challenge. So I embarked on my new Adventure with CPAP Direct a little over 2 year's ago. Not knowing anything about CPAP, I did my research and a lot of reading. I wanted to know everything, so I could give my new client's the best possible service. A year and a half in I stepped in to the Store Manager Role, which was received with great enthusiasm from our clientele. I am passionate about what we do at CPAP Direct, helping the Ballarat Community Sleep better, improving the quality of lives, changing lives. It is amazingly rewarding on not just a professional level, but a personal level.

What is CPAP? Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. So what's it for? CPAP is the Gold Standard for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
A CPAP Machine and a special mask deliver the positive airway pressure, so that the airways are prevented from Closing. OSA is the constant interruption to breathing while sleeping, due to the closure of the upper airway. The obstruction to the airway therefore deprives a person of oxygen, causing damage to sleep patterns and the body as well. OSA can affect more than just our sleep and our body psychically. It can affect our day to day lives. Low productivity at work, falling asleep at work/home/while driving, poor concentration, the list goes on.

At CPAP Direct we are committed to helping anyone diagnosed with OSA improve there lives. We are there every step of the way to assisted clients in adapting to CPAP Therapy. Even I had to learn to adapt to the CPAP, so I know first hand that it isn't easy, but it is worth the perseverance. We can now also provide Home Sleep studies in partnership with Sleep Testing Australia. All in one Location, you can be diagnosed and commence CPAP Therapy.

If you or anyone you know are concerned about your sleep, or what might be happening while you sleep, or may just be feeling tired and can't work out why, Come and to talk to myself or my amazing team of Clinical CPAP Specialist's at CPAP Direct Ballarat, 1247 Howitt Street, Wendouree. 3355.
Ph: 5339 9794 Email: ballarat@cpap.com.au

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