Go Wide – resources to navigate current challenges

Executive Coach, Leadership and Performance Consultant - The Performance Project

It goes without saying that recent times have raised new challenges. Given that most of us are scrambling to maintain business and personal continuity, I saw an opportunity to support. Rather than leaving ‘every man for themselves’, or at least every organisation, I wondered if a platform designed to provide resources to meet the challenge at hand may be useful.

As such, I invite you to access Go Wide via www.Go-Wide.org

Please keep in mind that this is an iterative process – my hope is that it provides a taster so I can gather feedback on whether it may be useful to you and your teams; and if so, what other resources may be of value? As we speak I have a number of experts developing further resources to be launched this week.

I strongly believe that it is at times like this that provide opportunity for collaboration and community leadership. I hope you will be join me.



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